A group of seven institutions is leading in supporting and where possible, carrying out the 75 countries program

University of Amsterdam, its Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labor Studies (AIAS) is the leading partner (Prof. Kea Tijdens).

Celsi - Celsi Central European Labour Studies Institute - Martin Kahanac - for survey and data management, and wage calculations.

WageIndicator Foundation, a non-profit organization (director Paulien Osse and it  parties are available to carry out essential parts of the program.

International Labor Organization (ILO) of the United Nations, support and advise.

Harvard Law School through its Labor and Worklife Program (Prof. Richard Freeman, director, and Dr. Isabelle Ferreras).

University of Belgrano (Buenos Aires) and its Centro de Estudios de la Nueva Economía (CENE, Dr. Victor Alberto Beker, director).

DIEESE from Sao Paulo (Dr. Paulo Roberto), Brazil's leading labor market research institute for half a century.

IIM Amhedabad, India's renowned management institute (Dr. Biju Varkkey).

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