Annual Leave and Public Holidays

Annual Leave and Public Holidays

Paid holiday                                                                                                

An employee is entitled to at least 21 consecutive paid annual leave. National and religious holidays are not included. Collective agreements must provide at least one day of annual leave on full remuneration for every 17 days on which the employee worked or was entitled to be paid.                                                                                                                                                                     

Pay on Public holidays

You should be entitled to paid holidays during national and officially recognised public holidays.       


Weekly Rest Day                                                                                                     

Workers should enjoy a rest period of at least twenty-four consecutive hours in every 7 day period, i.e., a week.                                                                                               


Compensatory holidays

If you have to work on a national/religious holiday or a weekly rest day, you should be entitled to compensation. Not necessarily in the same week, provided that the right to a paid compensation is not forfeited.  


Weekend/Public Holiday work compensation

If you have to work during the weekend, you should thereby acquire the right to a rest period of 24 uninterrupted hours instead.   Not necessarily in the weekend, but at least in the course of the following week. Similarly, if you have to work on a public holiday, you must be given a compensatory holiday. A higher rate of pay for working on a public holiday or a weekly rest day does not take your right to a holiday/rest day.   


ILO Conventions in weekly rest days and paid annual leave.

  • Convention 132 (1970) on Holidays with Pay Convention
  • Conventions 14(1921), 47 (1935) and 106 (1957) for weekly rest days. In addition, for several industries, different Conventions apply.    

Go for national regulations per country to the Decent Work Check.   


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