Work and Wages

This page was last updated on: 2021-03-21

Minimum Wage

In accordance with article 108 of the 2007 Labour Code, minimum wage is set by the government in consultation with the Consultative Commission on Employment. The minimum wages are revised each year in April. The minimum wage in Mozambique is set differently for eleven (11) different sectors. Labour Law 2007 does not clearly specify the conditions that the government takes into account while determining/revising the minimum wage rates.

Compliance with the minimum wage rates as well as other Labour Law provisions is ensured by the Labour Inspectorate. The Labour Inspectorate monitors the legality of labour matters, and has the power to supervise compliance by employers and employees with their duties. In the event of violation of minimum wage related provisions, employers can be fined up to 10 times the applicable minimum wage per worker victim of the violation. The trade unions and employers’ associations can collaborate with the Labour Inspectorate, under the terms of the law, in monitoring the application of labour legislation and collective labour regulation instruments.

Source: Art. 108, 139(d), 259 and 267 of Labour Law 2007

Regular Pay

In accordance with Art. 110 of the Labour Law, remuneration may be paid according to (i) output, (ii) time or (iii) combined criteria of time and output. Wages should be based on actual time spent at work and be paid regularly (on weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals) in legal tender (Art. 112-113 of Labour Law 2007).

Regulations on Work and Wages

  • Direito do Trabalho, 2007 / Labour Law, 2007

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