Professional Qualification - Madagascar

Grades and Professional Qualification for Madagascar Minimum Wages: M1, M2, OS1, OS2, OS3, OP1A, OP1B, OP2A, OP2B, OP3. How are professions divided in Madagascar?
  1. The Decree N° 690-IGT dated 23 March 1954, amended by Decree N°1100-IGT dated 16 May, 1956 spells out the professional category of workers in the mechanical tannery, upholstery, leather and shoe-making and repairing industries:
Professional qualification 
I Tanneries 
Ordinary worker:performing elementary work that requires no training such as sweeping, guarding, various handling activities and particularly:
a.       River work: soaking, salting and handling of hides. de-haring ,scrapping de-liming;
b.       “Bassin” operations:  placing hides under bamboos, dipping hides in successive basins ;
c.        Extraction : handling of mimosa, quebracho, chestnut, and other tanning extracts ;
d.       Pressing : pressing the hides and removal of hides after pressing ;
e.       Handling of dry leather for future operations or shipment;
f.        Fuller’s tanning : preparation of the bath, immersion and withdrawal of the hides;
g.       Manual pigmentation  (brush or fluff, etc.).
Semi-skilled worker : performing elementary work and especially :
Vegetable re-tanningand coating of hides in tan-pits, setting out involving giving the hide a flat and even surface with the help of a stretcher or special machine ; 
Manual removal of hair ;
Finishing operations : staking, polishing, decoration, rolling, glazing and smoothing ; Pistol pigmentation…
Helpers performing the following tasks:de-fleshing, shaving, manual or machine splitting of the leather.
Ordinary worker above O.S.-1:who can supervise work requiring professional knowledge acquired through a minimum of one and a half years practice in in category O.S.-1. Commander capable of carrying out all routine works of his/her profession and supervise the work of 10 M-1 or M-2 or apprentices…
Exceptionally qualified
Highly qualified specialist whose conditions of employment are to be spelt out in each particular case based on technical certificates, references, knowledge acquired in the leather industry.
II. – Upholsteries, Mechanical Shoe-Making and Repairing
Ordinary worker :carrying out elementary work that requires no training such as : sweeping,  guarding, various handling activities and particularly :
1°      Concerning shoe-making / repairing :
Numbering of initial soles, parts of the boot leg, the upper, quarters, linings ;
Assembling of heels, welts, half soles, gluing of welts, hard toe puffs,heel liftings, stiffeners, uppers, quarters, tonguesand trimmings ;
marking of uppers, quarters, tongues and trimmings;
Punching of loop eyes, straps and eyelets; 
Fixing of slots and eyelets by hand machine and shanks and filling; 
Lacing of monk shoes with hemp string ;
Burning off of strings and fabrics protruding from the quarters and uppers;
Display of lasting board, pruning and polishing ;
Colouring of the surfaces and soles.
2°      Concerning the upholsteries :
Same elementary works relating to the profession…
Specialised worker :responsible for elementary work and especially :
1°      Concerning  shoe-making / repairing :
Glassing of heels and soles ; 
Fixing of heels;
Levelling of hard ends, stiffeners,  lasting board, insoles, soles, half-sole, quarters, upper, trimmings of the uppers ;
Cutting of accessories of the eyelets, vacuna, eyelets tabs, loop eyes;
Filling of quarters, toe puffs, uppers and trimmings ;
pruning linings, quarters, tongues ;
Doubling of trimmings ;
Assembling of quarters and all bias stiches;
Scrapping, assembly, heeling ;
2°      Concerning upholsteries :beginners assisting helpers in the preparation of their work
Helper :performing the following tasks :
1°      Concerning shoe making/repairs : 
Cutting of initial in-soles and welts ;
Skiving of half-shoe, counters, toe puffs and welts, uppers, linings and trimmings ;
Cutting of lining fabrics, uppers and lining quarters;
Stitching of trimmings, uppers, moccasins, tongues, edges of quarters and trimmings;
Fixing of soles ;
Padding of soles;
Fastening of soles and welts;
manual and machine fixing of heels.
2°      Concerning upholsteries:helper responsible for supervising menial upholstery and leather craft jobs…
Worker :performing the following tasks :
1°      Concerning shoe-making / repairs:
Stitching and cutting of soles , heels, welts, lasting boards, midsoles ;
Cutters, machine minders, form setting, mounting of sides, heel seat, manual assembly of toe puffs, bluchers ;
Sewing of soles, welts with small pointed or black half-soles ;
Checking of the number and qualities of parts cut, fixed, assembled, glassed, levelled, numbered, pasted, the quality of all the ancillary works on the upper, the number and quality of finished uppers.
2°        Concerning upholsteries :confirmed worker, assemblers, stitcher, cutters, upholsterers, etc…
Exceptionally qualified
Highly qualified specialist whose conditions of employment are to be defined in each particular case based on the technical certificates, references, knowledge acquired in shoe-making/repairs, upholstery and leather craft.

Technical Field








M1 – 1A

Ordinary labourer.

Pumping and handling of gas oil barrels. Material assistance to maintenance works and cleaning of the premises and structures.

Earthworks. Handling.

Various earthworks, Crushing services. Extraction. Sieving, transportation of sand.


Able and healthy worker who performs only manual or handling jobs or other jobs not requiring particularly painful efforts.

Transport and lift on lift off.

Filtering services. Stirring of reagents storage tanks.Preparation of solutions. Cleaning of pumps. Valves labourers.

Unrolling of cable. Sub-station, workshop labourer. Cleaning of premises and yards.

M2 – 1B

Specialised labourer:worker who has acquired a particular skill in manual, handling and other work through regular practice. Generally capable of using a lot of physical strength and understands and implements instructions given him in French.

Carrying out auxiliary operations on the orders of a machines officer. Material assistance to machine assembling, dismantling, cleaning and greasing works.

Heavy duty work. Helper, lineman, service connection and station helper.Vehicles greaser. Beginner sub-station panel builder.Vulcaniser and car washer.

Operation of the pumps, maintenance.Making of slabs concrete blocks, etc., on moulds, minor maintenance works under supervision. Assists in pipe laying, greasing of pumps.

OS1 – 2A

With at least basic knowledge of the French language.

Normal running of a machine. Initiative of operations to be carried out so as to prevent or reduce an incident on a machine. 1stcategory panel operator:monitoring of the panel devices. Carrying out operations required by the running of a factory.

Blacksmith, turner, carpenter, apprentice welder, beginner line, service connection and station man. Metres holders. Calibrator helper, beginner sub-station panel builder.

Cleaning filter and machines operator. Carpentry helper. Various maintenance works concerning wood.

Responsibilities:Initiative of operations to be carried out so as to prevent or reduce an incident the distribution line.

OS2 – 2B

Ordinary qualified high performance worker, on the job for at least one and a half years or holder of anaccelerated vocational training school certificate, capable of understanding and speaking French fluently.

2nd category machine operator:capable of operating one or more machines.

All round linesman. Internal connections and installations linesman. Carpenter.

2nd category mechanic. Dismantles and assembles the pump and motor  components for maintenance under supervision.Miscellaneous moulding and lathe-turning works, under supervision. Serves standard drilling machines etc.

Voltage control and regulation. Responsibilities:

Painter. Machinist,mechanic. Electric arch and gas welder.Re-winder. Sub-station quarter master. Vehicle drivers.

2nd category plumber : maintenance of water metre, pipe laying under supervision .

Continuous running of a huge machine or several small machines. 2nd category panel operator: monitoring of the panel devices. Carrying out operations required for the running of a big factory.

Matching mechanical or cast joints. Maintenance works including earthworks. Mason. Maintenance mason, reworking of pavement.

Electrician. Maintenance of installations and re-windings.

Responsibilities:Initiative of operations to be carried out so as to prevent or reduce an incident the distribution.

Digger for water pipes.

OS3 – 3A

Qualified worker with at least one and a half years working experience in category 2B, capable of working with little or no supervision from helpers. Adequate knowledge of the French language to receive orders in this language and convey them to the others co-workers in his team.

Worker with a wealth of experience in operating a hydraulic or thermal power plant.

Motor mechanic, fitter machinist, confirmed lathe turner. Blacksmith-machinist, gas and electric welder, all round linesman, capable of heading a small team of helpers, chief sub-station supervisor. Confirmed carpenterConfirmed re-winder.

1st category mechanic :Dismantles and assembles all machines, carries out machining works, can have 2B under his orders. Servicing standard drilling machines, etc. 

1st category Quarter Master:takes orders from the factory manager,operation of one or several machines with the help of machine operators, monitoring of operations panel devices.

1st category Plumber:single-handedly lay conduits or pipe fittings, may have 2B under his orders.

Machine mechanic -helper:

Lathe-turner : maintenance lathe turner,  servicing standard drilling machines, grind stone, etc.

Participation in all repairs, maintenance, assembling, partial dismantling  works on the hydraulic turbine or a diesel engine.

OP1A – 3B

Team leader heading a team of helpers and specialised works. Capable of reading French and implement written instructions.

2nd category Quarter master:Operates one or more machines without help of qualified machine operators, monitoring of panel devices.

Qualified worker. – Team leader:Blacksmith, boiler worker working on plan and capable of leading a team. Turner/milling machine operator; toolmaker, diagram re-winder. Head of linesmen team, automobile servicer /mechanic Confirmed calibrator. Works quantity surveyor. Sub-station supervisor.

Chief plumber. – Field superintendent:Corresponding tothe former designation of the commander: leads a spread under supervision has, 2A and 2B under his orders. Installation quantity estimator.

OP1B – 4A

Team leader :

Diesel mechanic:Performance of all standard maintenance and repair works on diesel engines, adjustment of bearings, piston rings, checking for play and shafting.

Qualified worker. –Team leader :Same qualification as above  but with higher output but attested by three years practice in scale 3

Chief plumber. – Field superintendent :Same qualification as 3B, but with higher output but attested by three years practice in scale 3.

Same qualificationas 3B, but with higher output butattested by three years practice in scale 3, knowing to read and write French or very qualified professional worker in his field.

Responsibilities:Maintenance of one or several Diesel engines.

OP2B – 5A

Very qualified team leader with a minimum of two years practice in scale 4, have quality of leadership and resourcefulness.

Head of hydraulic factory 1st category:Performance of all standard maintenance and repair works of the hydraulic turbines and structures, monitoring the performance of the machines.

Highly qualified worker. – Field superintendent:Worker with long professional practice, capable of managing a site.Worker of the metering laboratory capable of conducting measuring exercises and complicated calibration, assistant to the head of plant.

Assistant to the head of factory:

Supervisor or exceptionally qualified professional in his field. Capable drafting a report with diagrams


Head under supervision, a waste water treatment and pumping plant, having under him workers of the preceding categories.

operating a small plant. Running and maintenance of the machines. Supervisor responsible for the entire operation under the direction of an operational manager.

Deputy head of hydraulic factory 2nd category:

Performance of all standard maintenance and repair works of a machine, monitoring the performance of the machines and the panel.


Operation of a major hydraulic plant in the absence of the head of the factory.

Head of thermal plant 1st category:

Performance of all standard maintenance and repair works on the diesel engines, monitoring of the machines, the panel and staff.


Operation of a small thermal plant.

OP3 – 5B

Head of factory, operation or site, capable of leading and organising all the work of the profession under the orders of an engineer or a head of department.

Head of thermal or hydraulic factory 2nd category:

Field supervisor

Factory head:

leading all standard maintenance and repair works on machines and structures. Staff control. Supplies.


Operation of an average size thermal or hydraulic plant.

Field or workshop supervisor capable of organising and leading all work, conduct accommodation analysis, and forecast supplies.

Capable of organising, leading and coordinating all the works of a waste water treatment plant but under the control of technical officers.

Hors échelle (used in classifying professionals who have gone beyond all the possible grades in their profession)

Highly qualified specialist, professional and moral qualities tested over a long period mainly in the company itself and particularly in category 

Highly qualified technical staff.

Highly qualified technical staff.

Highly qualified technical staff.

5B (OP3)


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