Rwanda – a Last Minute Email Contribution

By Africain Biraboneye, CESTRAR, manager

Hi Paulien,


I totally missed the mail about the conference book. I am very sorry. Tell me about the issue. What should I write about and how quickly should I respond please?

At the moment we do have 3 signed CBAs. 2 in the tea sector and 1 within a big sugar company. 2 more new CBAs are pending in 2 different tea companies. If signed, we will engage the whole tea sector.

We expect to have a sectoral CBA in the construction sector as negotiations are in progress with a very big hope that this would cover the whole construction sector in the country. 

Mywage website is contributing positively in the sense that people are able to compare CBAs from some other countries, providing a lot of information on employment, and making CESTRAR a more visible and credible organisation. 

Unfortunately, the minimum wage ministerial order is not yet published. 

To conclude, I would wish to have pasted also within the website the East Africa Free Labour Movement Protocol to make our web a high source of information. 



Dear Africain, trust you do fine.

Please can you send the CBAs today and the East Africa Free Labour Free Movement Protocol for uploading?
Meanwhile: all other participants in the conference contribute to the book. Suggest you do too. You will feel bad when you come to Amsterdam see what others did  - and you didn’t? So please write down for all your colleagues what you think:
a. mywage website has brought - including the salary indicator
b. what the effect of CBAs online might be
c. what the effect of minimum wages in neighbouring countries is in Rwanda?
d. what you would like to improve in the website.
Deadline asap (tomorrow night).



Hi Paulien,

Yesterday I had some work in provinces and was not able to respond to your message. Again, you will remember that I missed the first conference so it is a bit difficult to understand what all this is about the conference book. Maybe my contribution will not be in line or be in a different format.
Please find attached the revised CBA of Sorwathe, Kabuye Sugar works and the East Africa common market protocol. Our last CBA in Assopthe is in Kinyarwanda so am wondering whether I should forward it to you as well or?

Regarding  your questions:
Online CBAs have practically been beneficial especially when it comes to exchange of information from other countries. It has also worked as an inspiration tool through different sectors, comparing their CBA's with other countries. It has allowed some workers and employers to reach an agreement.
Rwanda so far doesn't have a fixed minimum wage because it is not yet published. It has been in the Ministry of Labor and is to be approved soon.
Improving the website will be significant, especially French to make it more accessible to many people.

Thanks Africain! We will fix your contribution to the conference book. And you will love the conference, I am convinced.


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