Salary Check

Do you earn enough? Do you earn the right amount for the job that you do?  In three steps you can compare your salary with your colleagues.


17 November 2020 – The Zambian government is keen on acquiring Glencore Plc’s (a Switzerland-based commodity giant) stake in Mopani Copper Mines Plc so as to safeguard the jobs at Mopani’s copper operations. However, it is unclear how Zambia, a cash-strapped nation which just recently defaulted on a Eurobond interest payment, will acquire this operation which is currently valued at 14.7 billion Kwacha ($704 million) by Glencore. Find out more about salaries in the mining sector

Maternity Leave

How helpful are unions for female workers? Being in a union in Zambia makes all the difference in getting a 90-day (or more) paid maternity leave, whereas other workers are entitled to a 120- day unpaid maternity leave. Find out more about Maternity Leave in Zambia

Commute and Work

Did you know that the monthly transport allowance (the payment given so that the worker can commute to work) is the same for all Zambian workers regardless if the worker commuting to work is 3 kms away or 15 kms away? Distance does not matter according to the law, even though more distance in commuting will incur more costs for the employee! Find out more about Commuting and Work in Zambia

Economic Facts

  • With a staggering output of 788.3 thousand tonnes of copper in 2019 and an estimate of 764.2 thousand tonnes in 2020, Zambia is Africa’s second-largest producer of the metal! This has made copper so important to Zambia that copper mining is one of Zambia’s main sources of income. Find out more about workers and miners with the Decent Work Check
  • Zambia is home to Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall! Being one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, it attracted about 1 million tourists in the year 2019. Witnessing this, Zambia is expecting to ramp up its investment and creation of jobs in the tourism sector which, in 2019, contributed to only 7% of Zambia’s GDP and 7.2% of total unemployment. Compare wages in the tourism sector

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