Maternity leave for Domestic Workers

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Every working woman, including a Zambian domestic worker, has the right to maternity leave. However, many domestic workers in Zambia often lose their jobs once they get pregnant.

But the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment (Domestic Workers Order 2011) clearly states they too have the right to bring babies into the world.

What is Maternity Leave?

This leave is granted to a female employee who has delivered or is about to deliver.

How long is Maternity Leave for domestic workers?  

A female domestic worker shall be entitled to one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days maternity leave on production of a medical certificate, signed by a registered medical doctor, if the domestic worker has completed two years of continuous service from the date of first engagement or since the last maternity leave was taken. 

Are other leave days forfeited? 

The 120-day maternity leave shall be in addition to any other leave days to which the domestic worker may be entitled.

What happens if the maternity leave elapses and the woman is still incapable of performing her duties? 

Where, by reason of illness due to pregnancy, a female domestic worker becomes temporarily incapable of performing her duties, she shall be entitled to sick leave.

An employer shall not impose any penalty or disadvantaged upon a domestic worker for reasons connected with her pregnancy.

Is a domestic worker entitled to wages during her maternity leave?

A domestic worker shall not be entitled to receive a salary during the time that the domestic worker is on leave.

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