Disability Discrimination

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What is Physical Disability?

Physical disability can be permanent or temporary and range from a person being permanently in a wheelchair, to someone with a leg in plaster to those with poor sight or hearing problems.

Is it legal to discriminate an employee because they are physically disabled? 

No; it is illegal to discriminate any employee based on their physical disability. The law eliminates any form of discrimination against those who have disabilities but are able to carry out their duties without hindrance.  Zambian law prohibits discrimination based on physical or mental disability unless such an employee is certified unfit for duty by a qualified medical practitioner. 

Can a physically disabled person be employed? 

Yes, provided that one is able to carry out their duties and meet the qualifications for that particular job. For example, a qualified person with a hearing problem may work as a tailor, while those on wheelchairs may work as bookkeepers or call centre agents

What to do if you are discriminated against based on your physical disability 

Report the matter to the Ministry of Labour or any nearest branch for the Zambia Federation for the Disabled or Zambia Association for the Blind. There are various organisations around the country that represent different interest grounds. Make sure you join a Trade Union or any of these interest groups. 

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