Paternity Leave

Know more about Paternity Leave Laws for Working Fathers in Zambia. Get information on Paid Paternity Leaves, Paid Childcare Leaves for Working Fathers and Mothers in Zambia

The Employment Act entitles a female employee to 90 days paid Maternity Leave. Now the Tripartite Consultative Labour Council (TCLC) has agreed to the inclusion of Paternity Leave for working fathers in the Employment Act. The TCLC is a consortium of representatives from government, employers and employees that meet regularly to review various issues surrounding the labour market.

What is Paternity Leave?

Paternity Leave will allow working fathers to spend seven days supporting and looking after their pregnant partners or newly born babies. 

How long is Paternity Leave?

The council has unanimously agreed to seven (7) days Paternity Leave. 

Is it included in Annual or Sick Leave?

No. Paternity Leave shall be additional to any other leave to which the employee may be entitled.  

Will you get paid during Paternity Leave?

By law your employer is not obliged to give you paid Paternity Leave, but you are still entitled to seven days Paternity Leave. 

Paternity Leave in other African countries:

Madagascar: The Labour Act grants three days of paternity leave for the private sector and 15 days for the public sector. 

Mauritius: According to the Employment Rights Era 2008, a male worker shall be entitled to five continuous working days as paternity leave.

South Africa: Three days paternity leave. 

Tanzania: At least three days paternity leave.

Mozambique: Two days consecutive or alternate paternity leave during the thirty days from the date of birth of the child, every two years. 

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