Invalidity Pension

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By Sanday Chongo Kabange

A member of the National Pension Scheme (administered by NAPSA) shall qualify for invalidity pension:

  • If he/she suffers from permanent invalidity
  • If he/she is under pensionable age and either: 

Has made not less than 180 monthly contributions

Or the member had paid at least 60 monthly contributions of which 12 or more were paid in the period of 36 months immediately preceding the date the invalidity began.

Invalidity and Income

The Minister (of Labour and Social Security) shall by statutory instrument prescribe the monthly rate of invalidity pension determined on the basis of the member’s average monthly earnings and the length of pensionable service. The monthly rate of invalidity pension shall be supplemented by a prescribed percentage. The minimum monthly invalidity pension shall be 20% of the national average earnings.

Job security

Invalidity pensions shall be payable for the duration of a permanent invalidity commencing with the month following the date of invalidity and ending: either when the member reaches pensionable age, if at that time the member is entitled to a retirement pension at the same or a higher rate; or when the member dies.

A member who qualifies for invalidity pension but does not satisfy the conditions over minimum monthly contributions shall be entitled to a lump-sum payment.

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