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What is LASF?

 The Local Authorities Superannuation Fund (LASF) started in 1954, is a benefit scheme responsible for the pension cover of members in all the Local Authorities (Councils, Water and Sewerage Companies, ZESCO and the National Housing Authority). Statutory provision exists for other members to be admitted. The Act is numbered Cap 284 in the Laws of Zambia.

Fund Offices

The funds offices are located at Superannuation House on Ben Bella Road in the capital Lusaka, a building they have occupied since 1985. 

Mandatory documents needed to access your benefits:

  • Introductory letter from the employer, signed by the signatories registered and recognised by the fund. 
  • LASF forms, filled and certified by both the employer and member.
  • Official retirement, retrenchment, medical deceased letter from the employer.
  • Certified copy of the member’s National Registration Card (NRC) (The fund relies heavily on the NRC for proof of age)
  •  A medical certificate signed by two or more medical practitioners, confirming the illness or health grounds for retirement.
  • A copy of the Board/Council resolutions or minutes of the Board/Council meeting at which it was resolved that the member be retired/ill health or retrenched under Section 28 of the Act.
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