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By Meluse Kapatamoyo

 Death is inevitable. And because it is, a discussion concerning how you will be put to rest should be held with one’s family. Although in African societies the buying of a coffin and other funeral expenses generally falls on family and friends, the high cost of living sometimes makes it difficult for them to adequately provide.

However, this burden can be lessened if the deceased person was a worker who had been paying monthly contributions towards their pension and qualified for a Funeral Grant.

According to the National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA), the Funeral Grant which is paid upon the death of a member is meant to guarantee or at least ensure one gets a decent burial.  

How does one qualify for a Funeral Grant? 

  • But if they were still in employment, the member should have at least made 12 months contributions in the last 36 months of his or her employment.

How much is the Funeral Grant and who is liable to get it?

According to NAPSA the payment which is made to the deceased family is 10 times the minimum pension in the year of the member’s death. The amount payable for 2010 is K4, 347,426.00.

The money is paid to a spouse, parents or siblings of the dead person.

However, if a member dies without leaving behind any of the above, payment will be made to the person in-charge of paying funeral expenses.

What will your family need to claim your Funeral Grant?

  • A copy of your death certificate 
  • A burial permit 
  • Any other valid documents

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