Wage Deductions

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Employees are legally entitled to Regular Pay on completion of any task agreed between an employer and employee. Regular Pay varies between the formal and informal sector. Regular Pay is also calculated based on terms agreed by the parties involved. 

Always be alart and never allow an employer to make deductions from your Regular Pay without consent.

An employer may only make deductions from your Regular Pay if:

  • An employee agrees in writing to have deductions from their their Regular Pay 
  • An employee consents/agrees to owing a debt
  • An employee subscribes and agrees to make monthly contributions to a Pension Fund like the National Pensions Fund Authority (NAPSA)
  • An employee grants authority to an employer to liquidate a loan on his/her behalf
  • An employee agrees to have deductions from their Regular Pay as a result of a court order, legal mandate or collective agreement 
  • An employer has proof to effect deductions from pay

Ensure that at no time is your Regular Pay deducted without your consent or solid reason from your employer. It is against the country’s labour legislation to receive a reduced Regular Pay without proper cause.

Seek help from the Labour Office if your employer is making illegal deductions to your Regular Pay without your consent. There are labour officers and trade union representatives in all 72 districts and nine provinces of Zambia.

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