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Safety at Work

Zambia is among several countries worldwide that have committed to provide safe and healthy working environments for citizens in employment. However, a year hardly passes without reports of workers striking or getting injured as a result of poor working conditions.

Are You Protected?

The Zambian Government through the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has established legislation that encourages protection of workers in their places of work. Although each sector has its own safety and health procedure, the Factories Act contains general rules and regulations that every employer in Zambia has to abide by. 

These include:

  • A clean working environment
  • Safe clothing, head gear and footwear
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Prevention of overcrowding
  • First Aid 
  • Lighting
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Basic training on  safety and health
  • Fire extinguishers and hydrants 

These are some of the many basic requirements that every employer in Zambia is supposed to provide to its employees. Employers in mining, construction, transport, hospitality and manufacturing are allowed by law to provide “special” or tailor-made health and safety facilities to their employees. 

“The Factories Act has its own provisions and so are sector codes. For example, the Mines and Safety Guide on Safety and Health has its own provisions and is different from that of engineers or contractors. Mining companies are in this case told to harmonise what is in the (Factories) Act and (Mines) Code then give miners reasonable health services,” according to Morgan Mwanza of Chimms Recruitment in North Western Zambia.

Mwanza explained that there are special safety and health regulations depending on the sector. He cited fire fighting, and HIV/AIDS counselling and prevention as some of the areas where employers are providing training to their employees. 

Help Me!

If you feel or notice that your employer is breaking the provisions of the Factories Act by not providing any health or safety facilities at your workplace, report the matter to the nearest Labour Inspector’s Office in your district or province. In Lusaka, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security is located at the New Government Complex. If you are a member of a trade union, report any health or safety concern to union representatives.

Always bear in mind that the Factories Act and the Factories Regulations sets up rules on appointment and powers of health and safety inspectors, powers of inspectors, and notification and investigation of accidents, and prohibits deductions from wages for denouncing a health and safety risk.  

Feel protected and seek help! Workplace Safety is Decent Work.


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