NAPSA Talks Tough On Contributions – March 2010

By Meluse Kapatamoyo

Domestic employers who do not remit contributions to the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) for their employees will now face serious penalties as the organisation embarks on a campaign to educate workers about  their rights.

NAPSA Lusaka area Manager, Tapeya Phiri, said it was a requirement for every worker to contribute to NAPSA.

The authority is set to embark on a media campaign that would educate domestic workers on how and why, they and their employers should contribute to NAPSA.

"Most people that have employed domestic workers have not registered their workers with the authority," he said, "It is the duty of every domestic worker to make sure that their employers pay their contributions to NAPSA. If they do not, they should report them to NAPSA and the organisation will follow it up. It is about time that employers started contributing."

Phiri also urged domestic workers to demand that they were registered to safeguard their future as the law provided for penalties against employers who do not remit contributions.


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