New Minimum Wage is welcomed – January/February 2011

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A number of workers have welcomed the upward adjustment of Minimum Wage for protected employees engaged in shops, general establishments and domestic service from K268, 800 to K419, 000 per month.

Too low for too long

For a long time workers and trade unions had complained that the K268, 800 Minimum Wage was too low and did not match prevailing economic situation in the country.

The workers and their representatives had also contended that the low Minimum Wage did not meet their daily needs that continue to increase every month.

A protracted debate had ranged between trade unions, employers and the government. There were dissenting views on what the new Minimum Wage should be.  Workers’ representatives were of the view that the basic salary be increased to K450, 000 from K268, 800 while the employers group advocated for K322, 560. The government on the other hand proposed a consolidated pay of K593, 100. 

Helps to meet daily demands

Charity Mulenga, a Lusaka based Labour Consultant  has told Mywage Zambia, the upward adjustment in Minimum Wage will help non-unionised workers meet their daily demands such as rentals and transport.

Miniva Chibuye, Programme Manager of the Social Conditions Programme at the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) also shares similar sentiments. 

“There is a possibility of food prices in Zambia continuing to increase to follow the upward trend currently being depicted globally. Therefore, the new Minimum Wage will to some extend cushion this, especially for protected workers”. 

Domestic workers welcome new wage

Theresa Bwalya, a domestic worker in Lusaka’s Minestone residential area says the development of regulations to administer the determination of wages to cover the domestic service sector is a welcome move that will raise standards in their sector.

She says, “The K250, 000 Minimum Wage for domestic workers is not lucrative but it surely means something for us in the domestic sector.”

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