Who is Zambia’s Largest Employer? – January/February 2011

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The private sector was in 2009 Zambia’s largest employer of workers in the formal sector, raking in over 60% of the total number of workers in formal employment. 

According to the 2009 Employment and Earnings Inquiry Report released by the Central Statistical Office (CSO), comparisons between the first and second quarter of 2009 show that workers in the formal sector increased slightly. The report states that in the first quarter, the number of workers was estimated at 659,582 while in the second quarter, the number of workers increased by 1.8 % to 671,246. 

The private sector was represented by 65.9% while Central Government employed 20.7% and parastatals had taken in 9%. The lowest number of workers in formal employment was employed by Local Government, which had only managed to take in 4.4%.

Meanwhile, the Community, Social and Personal Services industry had the highest proportion share of workers with 43.4%, while the Construction industry had the lowest proportion of workers with 1.6%. In the second quarter, the pattern was similar to that of the first quarter except for Electricity, Gas and Water which had the lowest proportion of workers, standing at 1.8%.

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Disclaimer: The 2009 Employment and Earnings Inquiry Report is the only available latest report conducted and published by Central Statistical Office. The 2010 and 2011 reports have not yet been published by CSO; therefore, Mywage Zambia has and will always make an effort to update the data on a regular basis. However, there might be unforeseen errors. The data is credited to CSO. 


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