Minimum Wage Benefits

Minimum Wage Benefits in Zambia -

What benefits does the Minimum Wages Act offer employees besides guaranteed monthly wages and allowances?

Under the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment (General Order) 2010, workers are entitled to:


Minimum Wages Benefits Applicability
Night Shift allowance An employee working between 19 hours and 06 hours is entitled to K100 per hour shift differential.
Working Week maximum An employee shall not exceed 48 hours of working week.
Overtime An employee working in excess of 48 hours is entitled to one and half (1 ½) times hourly pay per hour of overtime. This does not apply to a watchman or guard because they fall under a separate category with different conditions.
Sundays and Holidays  An employee working overtime on a Sunday or working on a Public Holiday is entitled to two (2) times hourly pay per hour. 
Paid Leave of Absence  After six months of employment, an employee accrues leave at two days per month. 
Travelling Allowance  An employee proceeding on leave with at least 60 accrued days is entitled to two (2) days pay per 280km distance to home.
Maternity Leave  After two (2) years continuous service, a female employee is entitled to 120 daysMaternity Leave.A female employee can not be dismissed due to complications during the six months following delivery.
Holiday Allowance An employee taking annual leave is by law entitled to one (1) month’s basic pay.
Paid Sick Leave  Provided there is a medical certificate, an employee is entitled to three (3) months full pay and another three (3) months half pay. 
Sick child A female employee shall be given paid leave to nurse a hospitalized child. 
Retirement Benefits Upon retirement after ten (10) years employment and upon reaching the age of 55, a retired employee is entitled to three (3) months basic pay per year of service or pension from an approvedpension scheme. 
Medical Discharge  If a worker’s employment is terminated on medical grounds, a two (2) months basic pay per year of service is entitled to the affected party. 
Redundancy Benefits  An employee is entitled to one (1) month notice and two (2) months basic pay per year of service if they are declared redundant. 
Repatriation Benefits  If employee is given a medical discharge, declared redundant, retires or dies in service, an allowance sufficient to cover the cost of transport for family and all personal affects is entitled. 
Summary Dismissal An employer must present a report to alabour officewithin five (5) days of dismissal. If the case does not warrant dismissal, an employee is entitled to two (2) months basic pay per year of service. 
Funeral Assistance Upon the death of an employee, employee’s spouse or registered child, a coffin, K350, 000, 50 kg mealie meal and transport to and from the cemetery must be provided by the employer.
Subsistence Allowance  If an employee is spending a night away from home to attend to work, a K195, 000 per night subsistence allowance must be paid.
Tool Allowance  For employees using their own tools to complete work, K64, 000 per month must be paid to them. 
Upset Allowance  Upon permanent transfer to a new town or work station, an employee is entitled to transport plus one (1) month’s full salary.
Protective Clothing The employer is by law mandated to provide protective clothing fordangerous work. 


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