Holidays and Salaries

All about Holidays and Salaries in Zambia, How to earn Wages during the Holidays, Holidays and Pay on Mywage Zambia.

What is a holiday?

A holiday is a day or days set aside in addition to any Public Holiday or weekly rest period fixed either by law, agreement or custom. Public Holidays in Zambia include Unity Day, Farmer's Day, Labour Day and International Women’s Day while weekly rest periods are Saturday and Sunday.

Who determines a holiday?

The minister may by statutory order declare any day or days required to be observed as or declared to be holidays under the Public Holidays Act to be paid public holidays and on any day which has been declared to be a Paid Public Holiday. 

Under what circumstances can the minister declare a holiday?

The minister may declare a holiday or holidays when a fixed holiday falls on a weekly rest period. For example, if Unity Day or Christmas falls on Sunday, the minister can declare Monday a holiday.  

Are workers entitled to salaries when the minister declares a holiday?

Yes - Every employee is by law entitled to a full pay when a working day is declared a holiday by the minister.  

Do essential workers stay away from work when a holiday is declared?

Depending on the nature of the holiday that has been declared, employers may ask employee deemed as essential to work even when a holiday has been declared. Essential workers are employees whose services are required on a non-stop basis. These can be security personnel, health and medical workers, immigration officers, air and transport personnel and journalists among others. 

Are there extra bonuses for employees who work on holidays? 

Yes – by virtue of any agreement or custom it is normal for an employee or class of employees to work on any day declared to be a paid public holiday.  Such employee or class of employees are entitled to payment of wages at such rate as may be agreed under a Collective Agreement or Contract of Service

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