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By Sanday Chongo Kabange

The emergence of the Information Society over the last decade or so has taken the entire world by storm. The world of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) has seen the creation of massive job opportunities. In almost every home or office in Zambia, there is either a cell phone, computer, IPod, MP3 player, radio, television or Playstation. With all these state-of-the-art gadgets, who are the people responsible for their operations after they leave the manufacturers? The answer is simple – Information Technology Programmers. These are the young, electronic gadget-happy wiz-kids. A career in IT can be financially rewarding and emotionally satisfying for adolescents, especially women that are fascinated by ICTs. 


The role of IT Programmers involves installing software in electronic devices, repairing and retrieving data from electronic data bases, managing electronic information, looking after computer software and hardware, repairing electronic gadgets and maintaining electronic databases. IT Programmers also keep an inventory of all electronic materials in a company. They are also responsible for setting up IT security systems, basic website management and design.   

Qualifications and Experience

A young candidate wishing to start up a career in IT should firstly have a strong interest in Information Technology. Employers require someone with a High School Certificate with distinctions in Mathematics, Sciences and English. They may also require someone with an Advanced Diploma in Information Management System, or a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or Electronic Engineering from a recognised learning institution. For young entrants, employers might require a candidate with minimum experience in IT of at least two years because of the demanding nature of the job.

Skills Required

A career in IT requires someone who is creative, an alert thinker, patient, a good reader and is ready to learn new things by taking up new challenges. 

Pre-employment Training

A Lusaka based bank says it has a four-month rotational training programme for all its IT recruits. This enables its new cadets to have an in-depth understanding of what to expect. Timothy Kino, a beneficiary of the IT in-house training in 2006 says the essence of the pre-employment training is to expose the new IT Programmers to fast-track experimental and applied learning opportunities that  “build their competency in the IT market and prepare them for future leadership”.   

Salaries and Working Conditions

A career in IT is high-paying and has very lucrative incentives. IT Programmers can earn anything from K5, 000, 000 to K15, 000, 000 per month. This varies according to the employer, experience, skills and work output. The work of IT Programmers is demand- driven. They work on an as-is-required basis although they may be employed as full time employees. Certain firms hire independent IT Programmers when their services are required.


Kombe Kaponda, an IT professional says, “as a bonus, career enhancement prospects are dynamic as changes in technology are ongoing.” Kombe says although the IT sector in Zambia is male-dominated, the situation has started to change. 

“Culture related issues that prevented women from working in careers that were considered for men have been broken and more women are taking up the challenge and succeeding, ” he adds.

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