Zambian women in the Workplace

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Women continue to be overlooked or undermined regardless of their contributions to various developmental projects in any given society.

Some employers even go to the extent of ignoring the basic rights of women such as their right to Maternity Leave. By law, female employees have a right to four months Maternity Leave. 

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) provides for the equal participation of women in economic policy formulation and implementation.

Article 15-19 of the Southern African Development Community – the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development adopted on August 17, 2008 -  has seven specific targets to be achieved by 2015.

Below is a list of the seven targets under Articles 15-19: Productive Resources and Employment, Economic Empowerment. 

  • Ensure equal participation by women and men in policy formulation and implementation of economic policies.
  • Conduct time use studies and adopt policy measures to ease the burden of the multiple roles played by women.
  • Adopt policies and enact laws which ensure equal access, benefits and opportunities for women and men in trade and entrepreneurship, taking into account the contribution of women in the formal and informal sectors.
  • Review national trade and entrepreneurship policies to make them gender responsive.
  • With regard to the affirmative action provisions of Article Five (of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development), introduce measures to ensure that women benefit equally from economic opportunities, including those created through public procurement processes.
  • Review all policies and laws that determine access to control of, and benefit from, productive resources by women.
  • Review, amend and enact laws and policies that ensure women and men have equal access to wage employment in all sectors of the economy. 

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