Salary Survey

Do you earn the right wages for the right work? Are you paid correctly for your job? Take our Salary Survey and contribute to wage knowledge in Zimbabwe.

Commuting and Work

Wondering whether you get paid for travel to and from work? Mywage reports that salaries paid to employees account only for hours worked by the employee and not for the time commuted to and from work. Some companies either provide a transportation allowance or transport for employees. Learn more about Commuting and Work in Zimbabwe 

Economic Facts

  • Did you know that the Founder of Econet Wireless- Zimbabwe’s largest telecommunications service provider, is the richest man in Zimbabwe? Strive Masiyiwa is reported to have a net worth of 398,090,000,000 ZWD (1.1 Billion USD), making him the richest man in the country and the 1851st richest man in the world! Who are Zimbabwe’s Business VIPS?
  • Did you know that employees are protected against discrimination under section 5(1) of the Labour Act in Zimbabwe? It prohibits discrimination on the grounds of age, sex, political origin, race, tribe, color, creed, place of origin, HIV/AIDS pregnancy or any disability. Learn more about labour laws with regards to discrimination in Zimbabwe
  • Exports of arts and crafts in Zimbabwe was 3,795.99 million ZWD (USD 10.5 million) in 2019 which was mainly exported to South Africa, America and Europe. This sector includes the production of woven baskets, wood carvings, metal sculptures etc., and plays a pivotal role in local economic development. Learn more about work and wages in Zimbabwe 
  • In September 2020, an average Zimbabwean lived on 416.185 Zimbabwean Dollars (ZWD) (US$ 1.15) per day as opposed to 1259.88 ZWD (US$ 3.591), which is the minimum daily wage required to be above the poverty line. The target to become an upper middle income country seems unattainable, with the increasing poverty levels and inequality in Zimbabwe. Learn more about minimum wages of Zimbabwe