Self Employment Assistance

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What is self employment?

Self employment refers to a situation where an individual works on his
own account, or with one or a few partners or in co-operatives; they hold the type of jobs defined as self-employment (i.e. jobs where the remuneration is directly dependent upon the profits derived from the goods and services produced).
Self-employed workers include three subcategories; employers; own account workers; and member of producer co-operatives.

Which organisations can assist?

There are several, for instance the Self Employed Women’s’ Association of Zimbabwe (SEWAZ). It is an organisation promoting womens’ empowerment, self-help and business development. The organisation is primarily active in Zimbabwe and headquartered in Harare.

Contact address: SEWAZ 6TH Floor, Nelson Mandela/Angwa Street, Harare

Another organisation is Credit Against Poverty (CAP). The organisation is based in Masvingo and operates a revolving loan fund which it gives to women and youth to start income-generating projects.

What are the loan terms?

The women will have one year to pay back the loan. To date, CAP has experienced a repayment rate of 90%.

How many beneficiaries have been assisted to date?

Since CAP began operating in 1996, it has provided loans to over 7000
poor families in Zimbabwe.

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