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In terms of Section 5 of the Labour Act, discrimination is prohibited in relation to those already in employment and applicants for jobs.This prohibition applies to employers and relevant persons such as employment agencies and the media. Discrimination is prohibited in relation to matters relating to employment, including choice of persons for jobs.

What questions cannot be asked in an interview in Zimbabwe?

Any question directed at the prospective employee which:

  • Carries overtones of racism or tribalism - for example “Considering your cultural beliefs do you think you will be able to fit into our organisation?”
  • Any question which discriminates on the basis of gender or (pregnancy) - for example “Considering your advanced pregnancy will you be able to cope with the new job as you will be required to work night shift?”
  • Any question which discriminates on the basis of HIV/AIDS status or disability- for example “Are you prepared to undergo our rigorous and compulsory medical examination to ascertain your suitability for the job?

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