Know more about discrimination laws at the workplace in Zimbabwe. Get information on discrimination between men and women, gender discrimination, wage discrimination etc. in Zimbabwe




Sometimes at work people are discriminated against on either racial, tribal, religious, sex or political opinion grounds. But do you know that this is illegal?

For example, maybe there is the possibility that one may not receive work benefits if one belongs to either the Zanu PF party or the MDC, depending on the political afficiliation of one's employer. This is illegal, in terms of the law. 

The Law concerning Discrimination

According to the Labour Relations Act no employer or person shall discriminate against any employee or prospective employee on grounds of race, tribe, place of origin, political opinion, colour creed or sex in relation to:

  • The advertisement of employment
  • Recruitment for employment
  • Determination or allocation of wages, salaries, accommodation, leave or other such benefits
  • Creation or abolition of jobs or posts
  • The choice of persons for jobs or posts, training advancement, apprenticeships, transfer, promotion or retrenchment 
  • The provision of facilities related to or connected with employment
  • Any other matter related to employment
  • Claim for damages from the employer for any loss caused directly or indirectly as a result of the contravention
  • Seek an order directing the employer to redress the contravention, including an order to employ any person even if that the vacancy in question has already been filled. The employer maybe liable to any claim arising from the need to discriminate or terminate the services of any other employee who has been engaged.

If found guilty

Anyone who is found guilty of discrimination as explained above will be liable to a fine or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or to both fine and imprisonment.

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