Maternity Leave

Know more about Maternity Leave at work in Zimbabwe. Get information on Paid Maternity Leave Entitlement, Laws and Rules for Maternity Leave for Pregnant Woman in Zimbabwe



Maternity protection under the Labour Relations Act covers employed women in the public and private sectors, as well as employees of the state and members of the public service.

Qualifying conditions

Employees need at least one year of service to qualify for paid maternity leave. Such leave may only be granted upon production of a medical certificate. It may only be granted three times for the same employer and only once during a 24 month period calculated from the day previous leave was granted.

Compulsory leave

At least 21 days before confinement.

General total duration

98 days of paid maternity leave.


100% of normal pay.

Financing of benefits



Unpaid maternity leave extending the normal duration of paid leave may be granted upon request.

Guaranteed right to return to work

During the period a woman is on maternity leave, her normal benefits and entitlements, including her rights to seniority or advancement and the accumulation of pension rights, must continue uninterrupted in the manner in which they would have continued had she not gone on such leave. Her period of service may not be considered as having been interrupted, reduced or broken by the exercise of her right to maternity leave.

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